HGCA Board Meeting


The HGCA Board Meeting will take place on Tuesday September 14, at 7pm .  This meeting will be held virtually. For virtual meeting information, email board@huntersgreen.org


September 14, 2021

7 PM


  1. Review and approval on July 7 Meeting Minutes
  2. Treasurer’s Report
  3. Update from President
    1. Golf Course
  4. Discussion and Vote on HGCA Standards  ( HGCA Standards For Review _Not Approved)
  5. Large Infrastructure projects review  (Proposed FY 2022 Capitol Expense Projects)
  6. Updates
    1. Social Committee
    2. Driveway signage
    3. Curb painting
    4. Salt Barrel vs Individual bags
    5. Follow up date for Home Maintenance inspections  - 90 days
    6. Landscape/Grounds Update
      1. President/At Large Member Consultation with Arborist

        - Noted health factors for trees

        - Mulching

        - Impact of leaf collection on drainage and ground cover on “natural” HGCA-maintained areas

        Trees to be trimmed/removed
  7. Call for Board candidates


Tuesday, September 14, 2021 7:00pm

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