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HGCA Halloween Parade and Trick or Treating Sunday October 31, 2021

A group of HGCA parents and residents suggests the following guidelines for celebrating Halloween again this year so everyone can enjoy the evening in a safe manner. The Board is providing its communications network to distribute this information.


First, on Sunday, Oct. 31, kids in the neighborhood are invited to participate in a Halloween Parade.  Starting at 5:30pm, the parade will travel from the big playground on Indian Ridge Road to the small playground at the opposite end of IRR. This will allow children and families to maintain social distancing and will enable those who prefer not to go door-to-door to show off their costumes and have some fun.


Second, families who want to go trick or treating after the parade, are encouraged to follow these suggestions:

  • Turn on your house light if you want to participate in trick-or-treating this year.
  • Pre-bag treats so kids are not touching all the candies.  
  • Please only touch the trick-or-treat bag that you will be taking home with you.
  • We do kindly request that there be no more than one family per house at a time.
  • You can leave your candies outside and watch the kids, or you can create new ways to deliver the candies like we had last year. 


If you have questions, please contact Luciana Ocaranza,



Call for Board Nominations

October 18, 2021


As discussed at the September 14, 2021 board meeting, the HGCA board will have 2 open seats. Per our Bylaws, the board should consist of 5 Director/board members. We are scheduled to have our election on December 7, 2021, thus the board is officially calling for candidates.


You might ask “Why should I volunteer on the HGCA board?”  The answer is you will become part of a successful team of volunteers who bring us safety, security and value to our homes with attractive landscaping, maintained parking areas, playgrounds, lighting, good governance and community spirit.  Consider that as a board member, you will play a direct role in making Hunters Green Cluster a truly great community, not just an attractive and safe place to live, but a place where diverse people build lasting friendships.  Whether your life goal is to make a difference, be a consensus builder, or feel a sense of connection to your community, we ask you to volunteer.


We are hopeful that multiple persons will volunteer for the open seats to continue a long tradition of an inclusive, self-governed community. 


We will hold a virtual election using our proxy voting system. To have the virtual election, I am requesting candidate’s self-nominate by November 19 , 2021, so that proxy ballots can be published on November 22, 2021. The self-nomination consists of your name, address, and a short bio. Once we have published the proxy ballots, the board will distribute the ballots on November 27, 2021 to each home for voting. The votes will be collected electronically or by paper and will be finalized at the December 7, 2021 board meeting. Details of the proxy process have been distributed for review and are available in the Resource Center at  


Thank you all in advance for your time, consideration and participation in keeping our cluster association an effective and viable self-governing body. If you have questions about what being a board member entails, please email us and we will be glad to chat. (



The HGCA Board



Upper IRR Playground Maintenance

October 3, 2021


This note is to inform you that per discussion at the September 14 board meeting on weeds/debris in the upper IRR playground, the board has met with the landscape contractor and has decided to weed and mulch the upper IRR playground removing the various ground coverings


While in the playground, our contractor recommended taking out the trees this winter and relandscaping the area as they are at their life expectancy and could pose problems. We will be formulating plans for landscaping in this area, so contact the board if you would like to participate.



HGCA Board Statement Regarding Newbridge Pool

May 24, 2021


Dear HGCA Residents and Owners,


As you might be aware our closest Reston Association (RA) pool, Newbridge, is being considered by Reston Association for closing per a recent Pool usage study that was discussed on Thursday, May 20, 2021, at the RA Board and Recreation Facilities Working Group.


RA CEO Hank Lynch presented data at the work session showing that Golf Course Island, Newbridge, Tall Oaks, and Shadowood pools have lower usage than RA’s 11 other pools.


As a result, RA staff is recommending that RA consider “repurposing” the facilities.  The HGCA board opposes this recommendation and is submitting this letter on behalf of Hunters Green Cluster Association (HGCA).  Given that Newbridge is the closest pool to HGCA and one that kids can walk or ride to on paths without crossing any streets along with the clusters surrounding the pool -- closing the pool will impact safety and home values for young families. In addition, with the huge surge of population growth along Sunrise Valley including the two new housing complexes and an 8 story apartment building (and one to come next door to it), there is an opportunity to expand pool privileges to new residents who want to use the pool and can be considered in the fees.  


HGCA believes that RA shouldn’t be shutting down amenities when thousands of new residents will be moving within walking distance of the pool.


Our community will oppose the pool shutdown.


If your home unit differs with this opinion, please let the board know by close of business on May 28, 2021 otherwise we will submit that 118 home units oppose this recommendation.





President HGCA




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