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HGCA Board Statement Regarding Newbridge Pool

May 24, 2021


Dear HGCA Residents and Owners,


As you might be aware our closest Reston Association (RA) pool, Newbridge, is being considered by Reston Association for closing per a recent Pool usage study that was discussed on Thursday, May 20, 2021, at the RA Board and Recreation Facilities Working Group.


RA CEO Hank Lynch presented data at the work session showing that Golf Course Island, Newbridge, Tall Oaks, and Shadowood pools have lower usage than RA’s 11 other pools.


As a result, RA staff is recommending that RA consider “repurposing” the facilities.  The HGCA board opposes this recommendation and is submitting this letter on behalf of Hunters Green Cluster Association (HGCA).  Given that Newbridge is the closest pool to HGCA and one that kids can walk or ride to on paths without crossing any streets along with the clusters surrounding the pool -- closing the pool will impact safety and home values for young families. In addition, with the huge surge of population growth along Sunrise Valley including the two new housing complexes and an 8 story apartment building (and one to come next door to it), there is an opportunity to expand pool privileges to new residents who want to use the pool and can be considered in the fees.  


HGCA believes that RA shouldn’t be shutting down amenities when thousands of new residents will be moving within walking distance of the pool.


Our community will oppose the pool shutdown.


If your home unit differs with this opinion, please let the board know by close of business on May 28, 2021 otherwise we will submit that 118 home units oppose this recommendation.





President HGCA




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